​Alexandria, Minnesota

  • 2018 First organized league will be Wednesday, May 2nd - Meeting at 9:30

  • Before May 23th tee off at 10:00

  • Starting May 30th tee off at 9:00

  • September 5th will go back to 10:00

  • 2018 President - Diane McKenzie/Carol Klimek   

Lake Miltona Golf Club | 3868 County Road 5 NE | Alexandria MN 56308 | 320-852-7078
This is a very fun group of Ladies.  You are not committed to come every week but most do.

League time are as follows:  Please arrive 20 minutes prior to tee off, card are picked 15 minutes before tee off. (semi-shotgun)   

Wednesday AM Ladies 

2018 Lake Miltona Golf Club

Wednesday Ladies League Events

Date             Time        Event

May 2
Short meeting followed by Low Net //Putts
May   9


Net score minus two holes.  Decide which two holes after you have played it.  Once

decided you cannot change.

May 1610:00

Bingo Bingo Bongo:  First ball on the green 1 point, closest to the pin once everyone is on

the green 1 point, first ball in the hole 1 point.  The player furthest from the pin must

always play first.  The player with the most points wins

May 2310:00Odd holes only if we play front, Even holes only if we play the back
May 309:00Blind 5: 5 holes will be randomly picked after we play.  1/2 handicap will be used
June 69:00
Forecast your score:  Your actual score cannot be greater than what your forecast
June 139:00
Four Club Challenge.  Use 3 clubs plus putter
June 209:00
4 t's  each time will have 3 white and 1 colored T.  After the hole has been played each
ember draws a T and the team score is the colored T.  Mark you own score for handicap. 
You will have an extra line to track the team score.
June 279:00
Mid Season Event
July 4
NO LEAGUE - Due to the 4th.
July 119:00
Blind Partners:  Partners will be randomly picked after playing round, net scores used.
July 189:00
Possible charity event.
July 259:00
The Blind Mice:  Throw out 3 holes as you play, once you toss a hole you cannot change. 
Keep scores normally, circle holes to toss out
Aug 19:00

Lagging:  After everyone gets on the green and regardless of the number of strokes,

the player closest to the hole gets 3 points, the next closest gets 2 points, the next

gets 1 point and the last player gets 0. Total points for all 9 holes and the player with
the most points wins.

Aug 89:00
Pink Ball:  Player 1 plays pink ball, followed by the rest of the team.  Keep track of the
pick ball score on a separate line, while maintaining individuals for handicap.
Aug 159:00
T or F:  An individual game where holes starting with T or F are counted towards the
winner score. Example only holes Two, Three, Four and Five would count  on the
front nine, and Ten, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, and Fifteen on the back
Aug 229:00
Best Driver: Players with the most drives on the fairway wins.
Aug 29 9:00 Year End Event with white elephant and picnic or lunch 
Sept 510:00Group play no games
Sept 1210:00Group play no games
Sept 1910:00Group play no games
Sept 26      10:00    Group play no games